Brass Band
 Eglisau, Switzerland

The original title was Jubile Eglisau because it was written for the 1000 year celebration in Eglisau. At this time I still didn't have Swiss nationality, and therefore didn't take part in the life of the town as most people could: voting, etc. I decided to donate this work to the town as my contribution to the celebrations, as it would also insure my being involved with the people here. Eglisau, unlike many other towns which have a Stadtmusik (Wind Band) has a fine Brass Band. I transcribed a Minnelied: Mayenzeit one Neidt by Neidhart von Reuental (early 13th century—much younger than 1000 ago, but also much nearer the time of the real settlement of Eglisau) and wrote a series of variations on it.

I had hoped for a cooperation with the conductor, in which he would for example, tell me the special strengths of his band, but this did not eventuate. Although I tried to make a fairly traditional piece—the harmonies are all contrary moving fourths and fifths—I think it sounded very strange to the players. I made a stupid mistake in transposition of some of the instruments with the computer, which they played without question, even although I had sent the conductor a computer-made tape of what it should sound like! The end result at the celebration was competent but not spectacular (which it should have been). Insult to injury, immediately after my piece, they played a standard piece with the main parts played solo by their star players who moved to the front of the stage and sounded really spectacular.

The work was later published by Editions Marc Reif.