Les Épisodes

1987 20 minutes
soprano, baritone and orchestra
Text Michael Harlow
 Sonic Circus, Wellington New Zealand

Les Épisodes (Aug. 1987) Orchestra and Soprano & Bass soloists

Settings of Harlow poems, written especially for the Wellington Sonic Circus, 1987

This was preceded by an intensive correspondence between Michael and me. He made many good suggestions about the nature of the music—one can certainly speak of an artistic cooperation. I still see Michael at the beginning of the performance as he suddenly appeared at the front of the auditorium and spoke the opening lines: Not an answer…

Given the short rehearsal time the work was reasonably well performed (in the Wellington Town Hall) but that was the only airing it ever had. Plans for a second part were never taken up again.

Episode 1
Jan Harrington Mezzo-soprano, Derrick Miller Baritone, NZSO Francisco Feliciano Conductor, Michael Harlow Speaker

Not an answer is always a question

If the question is uncertain will the answer be unsafe?

Michael Harlow
Episode 1

If you go there what will you see? If you stay behind what will you remember? Someone running toward you shouting a name The same person beside you inside the mirror

Michael Harlow