Peter Siegwart

Peter Siegwart and his Vokalensemble plus instrumentalists
Peter Siegwart and his Vokalensemble plus instrumentalists

Works of mine influenced or performed by Peter Siegwart:

  • Innere Stimmen Robert Schumanns
  • Clara Schumann

The conductor of the Vokalensemble Zürich, Peter Siegwart, was present at the performance in Luzern (1990?) of my Father’s Telescope and as a result thought of asking me for a piece for his choir (12 soloists).

Peter and the speaker Danièla Sandoz) and I all searched the literature for material about Schumann's last years and then met together to plan the work. After the successful performance of the Innere Stimmen Robert Schumanns I had a collection of texts by Clara Schumann which we had not used because we had decided to let only Schumann ‘speak’ in that work. These Clara-texts became the basis of the work Clara Schumann.

  • Paper Pieces
  • Tide Pools
  • A Shout
  • 5 Schwitters Songs for Andres
  • Let all words be music

The five works above were part of a program performed by Peter and his Vokalensemble for my 80th birthday concert: 2. 12. 2017

For my 85th birthday (2. 12. 2022) he conducted the "ensemble neue musik zürich" together with 4 soloists from his "Vokalensemble Zürich" performing the following works:

  • Scheint denn die Sonne heut' nicht?
  • Father's Telescope
  • Two scenes (no. 5 & no. 9) from "Hauptsache, man geht zusammen hin"